EXCELLENCE S.A. is a producer of syrups, drinks, functional waters and supplements known as the brand of entity, but also as its own brand. Important part of our work is contract packing to big names that deliver their brand promises.

EXCELLENCE S.A. is constantly developing, is elaborating and producing products from Health&Wellness.

Such a wide range, we can put on the market thanks to its unique R & D team, modern production facilities and modern quality management system. An important area of our business is the analysis of the situation in the developed markets in the above. categories in search of new product concepts and functional ingredients.

EXCELLENCE S.A. is a leader on the Polish and European market in the production of fruit syrups. This achievement confirmed that our business plan, which we are going through is accurate and well thought. The strategy of company development in 2012-2015 is provides that we are going to redo the aims, which were to do at first. These ideas are improved to make the development fast and furious in next three years of our work.

In this strategy our position on the market is supposed to grow and provide an expansion on the west market. This new plan should also provide long-lasting development of a business model, consequently high profitability

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